Exam Temperament
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Exam Temperament

Exam tomorrow.


Revision done.


Alarm set.


But still can’t fall asleep?


Most of us go through the same situation wherein we let the negative thoughts grow in our mind which leads to restlessness. These thoughts are the result of exam temperament, which refers to the thoughts or ideas coming to our mind before the exam. It’s quite normal for all of us, we are all prone to such situations.


In order to do well in an exam, it is important to be optimistic and let positive thoughts surround us. A positive attitude leads to great outcomes. An individual should relax atleast an hour before the exam commences, instead of mugging things up and confusing oneself more.


I would now like to draw your attention towards the way to attempt an exam in order to score well. An individual sometimes becomes nervous when he/she comes across a difficult question or is unable to solve on. The confidence in one’s knowledge and attempting the question applying it, without panicking is the key. People believe that in order to fetch good marks it’s important to attempt the highest number of questions but concentrating on the number of questions solved correctly and avoiding guesses to reduce marks lost as negative marking, is a more effective solution. Moreover, you should keep a good pace during the exam in order to finish it peacefully and carefully. For which time management should be kept in mind. Hard questions can be skipped and come back to later, if time permits.


Patience and calmness not only help maintain your tempo during an exam but also moulds your personality to face any competition with a better preparedness. Be confident of your calibre and do not doubt your abilities.
Work hard, think positive, never back down, never give up!