Write it – That’s your Might
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Write it – That’s your Might

JEE is one of the most crucial phases of life for students who decide to pursue science. Students give in their night and day to prepare for an exam and reach the gates of their dream college.


In this process, one of the gravest errors that students often make is not writing down. All three subjects that one has to tackle, namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, require thought, practice and perseverance. But students often overlook the fact that practicing includes writing down the stuff. Until and unless you write it down you don’t remember it. It is a scientifically proven fact that writing helps in memorization. When you write down, you actively involve your brain in processing the thought flow. More the brain is involved, more is the retention. And for cracking JEE, it is vital to retain whatever you study.


Mathematics demands to practice a variety of questions which need to be solved on pen and paper. There are certain formulae of say integration, which can look daunting at first, but become quite simple once you derive them and practice on pen and paper. Similarly, problems involving mathematical reasoning, I believe need you to write down the complete solutions. Once you write down the solution, it also helps in building up the confidence.


Physics involves various formulae and their applications in varied styles. So, again remembering the formula and knowing how and where to apply which one, plays the trick and to master it, it’s once again essential to practice by writing.


Last but not least is chemistry. Chemistry has a whole section of organic and inorganic chemistry. I have often heard students cry about not being able to learn inorganic chemistry, but I feel it becomes trivial if you can construct mind-maps, understand the concepts and once again make notes on your own. When you make your notes, your mind gives the task a priority and tends to remember it. However, if you go through somebody else’s notes, you keep on wandering while going through it. The same theory applies to organic chemistry as well.


In the end, through this article, I want to emphasize the importance of writing down the stuff while studying. When you write, you can tap the complete concentration of your brain to work in hand. Else the efforts, as well as fruits, are just partial which you never really enjoy.


So, keep writing, keep learning.