The last few days of JEE Journey
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The last few days of JEE Journey

The last days of preparation before JEE are a real test of a student as all aspirants don’t do what they should!. Those final 10-15 days can become a deciding factor for the results. Reading course books, reading long notes of coaching or tuition practicing a vast variety of questions from different books, these are not the things to be done in the last 10-15 days before JEE. Sounds strange?, Well, it may!. I am not questioning the importance of any of the above-mentioned things, they certainly hold great significance in the preparation of JEE, but all these points should be completed before the finals days of your preparation. I am quite confident that it is possible to accomplish these tasks during the course of years of preparation. Moreover, if a year or 2 years are not sufficient, then there’s nothing much one could do in those last days!.
So, the question is, What is all that needs to be done?


Things that are equally important as toiling during the months of preparation. Things that develop the exam temperament which is one of the main difference between success and failure in any JEE level exam. Consider the following:-


  • Attempting the previous year papers and other sample papers with proper time
    constraints (at least 5-6 in total, one per day) and analyzing the scores achieved in a fair manner. Any unfair means would only lead to a misjudgement of your preparation level. Analyze the time spent on each subject, find out the type of questions that took the maximum time and solve the questions that you couldn’t while attempting the exam afterward. Revise the concept, if any, that took your maximum time during your attempt, or you couldn’t at all solve any question on that particular topic. Be very clear in your mind about your strongest area and always attempt that first while attempting previous year exams. Try improving your weak areas each day, but not at the stake of your strong areas. Keep revising your strong areas! Your target should be to increase your score each day by improving upon your mistakes. This way, the last 8-10 days won’t only help to develop your exam temperament or make you competent enough to attempt the exam well, but would also help in revising or learning the concepts that were not fresh in your mind.
  • After these 8-10 days, spend 2-3 days going through the important formulas, tricks or facts that one could forget. Finish revising the concepts that you were weak at while attempting the exams. You might want to have a look at topics like Electromagnetic Waves, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Statistics etc.
  • Give your mind and body enough rest during the last 1-2 days and avoid doing anything related to JEE. Go out, freshen up your mind, take enough rest, especially the last night before JEE exam.
    You have gone through a hard and rough time for the past two years, and the final D-Day is coming. Keep yourself motivated for the remaining days. You must be feeling very nervous right now and a little under-confident about your preparation. But remember that this is a part of the journey. Every topper, every AIR-1 always feels the same. These last days are going to be toughest, yet the most exciting since your two years of hardship would finally come to an end!
Work hard in these final days, keep yourself focused and crack JEE with your dream rank.
Good Luck.