The Big Question : DTU, NSIT or IIIT Delhi?
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The Big Question : DTU, NSIT or IIIT Delhi?

This has been one of the biggest dilemma for any student who wishes to join one of these Institutes. For long DTU and NSIT had dominated this race of the best Engineering College in Delhi. But in the past few years, IIIT Delhi has surely caught up and has been giving a tough competition. In this post, I would be giving a detailed and unbiased/neutral review of these 3 colleges, and which one should any student prefer.


NSIT and DTU over the years have established a Big Brand Name. With many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. visiting these campuses and offering lucrative packages to the students, the cutoffs for these institutes have seen a sheer improvement in its cutoffs. NSIT and DTU are reputed colleges with a strong Alumni Network and Big Brand Names.


  • Big Brand Name
  • Strong Alumni Network
  • Leading amongst the 3 in terms of cut-off
  • Big Campus, with a developed Culture.
  • Good number of student intake.
  • Hostel easily available, for Delhi students as well.
  • Good Placement Statistics
  • Big Brand Name
  • Strong Alumni Network
  • Big campus, with a developed Culture.
  • More competition, in terms of no. of students.
  • Good placement statistics


IIIT Delhi
IIITD Delhi is a research oriented college, which lays a lot of stress in making their students learn. Most of the professors at IIITD have themselves pursued their Masters/PhD from prominent US Universities, and are considered to be one the best faculty in India. The Institute is relatively newer with a history of just 10 years, but has shown a tremendous growth in the quality of education provided.


  • Research Oriented College
  • Best Academic Structure
  • Best in class Faculty
  • Word Class Infrastructure
  • Good Placement Statistics
  • Lesser no of student intake, more opportunities for each individual
Now, when it comes to quality of education, and more opportunities for getting into prominent foreign universities for MS, IIITD surely beats them all and leads the race. If you are planning to getting into research or pursuing MS, IIITD is your place. IIIT Delhi has comparatively greater work-load, but ultimately it helps you in becoming a better Engineer.


However, if you want to get associated with a Big Brand Name, a strong alumni network and want a great campus life, with a bigger peer network, NSIT and DTU would be your place, preferably NSIT. These colleges also offer good opportunities for getting into prominent foreign Universities for MS. Also, we have also seen many MBA aspirants getting into IIM, XLRI, FMS etc. from these colleges.


Now if you ask, DTU or NSIT? I would say NSIT would be a better choice because the quality of education and resources have been degrading over the years. NSIT on the other hand has shown good improvement in its education, and placements.


However always remember one thing. These institutes can only provide you with the opportunity to learn something new everyday and grow academically as well as personally. What’s important is how well you grab those opportunities and use them to achieve your goals and ambitions.


If you are reading this post, then you are probably a few weeks away from starting your college life. All that I would suggest is that you must try to enjoy your life at the fullest during the next 4 years, but at the same continue focusing on your goals and building your career.