Journey through JEE and Beyond
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Journey through JEE and Beyond

Two roads diverged in a wood… is a line most of us can recollect from class 10. However for us three roads diverge at the end of class 10 i.e. to choose science, commerce or humanities stream and for the ones choosing science, the race for JEE begins.
This is the time most of us start off with thick, heavy books of stoichiometry, mechanics and functions. The only motive at that time is to crack the toughest exam and get a seat in one of the most coveted and prestigious colleges of the country. Little do we realise that the hardwork and perseverance it teaches is life-long. We attend coaching classes, give mock test and persistently keep trying. However after a span of few months, most get tired and sit down to take rest. This is the time when the slow crawling turtle takes over and comes a step closer to success. Putting more straightforward, the ones who keep their fire to fight alive are the ones who reach the zenith.


But JEE, in my viewpoint is not a race rather a journey, in which you need to be consistent. The one who keeps working despite the tiredness or the demotivation world provides, is the winner. You should not fear the gates raised by the society, but rather trample them with your determination and hardwork.


In the end, all this lead to a dream college and a branch from where the gates of a wonderful future open up. A good college as truly depicted is a place where you enjoy and celebrate the best four years of life. It is a phase where the endeavour put into JEE helps you get through even the most difficult phase in a jiffy.


So it all boils down to putting in a bit of efforts in JEE and enjoy for the rest of your life. JEE is a journey of just two years, but the rewards are lifelong.