You Ready Your Bag
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You Ready Your Bag

You ready your bag, get the books, get the tiffin and everyday begin your journey to a building mile away from your comfort zone. Travel in cars, metros, rickshaws, autos, trains or maybe even a combination of them. You might be tensed and worried but still have a seriousness in your mindset. And there, staring at your coaching center you smile upon and with every energy left in your body and soul you dream for a college and are willing to work hard upon it.


You face the atrocities as anyone. Too much syllabus, backlogs, school exams and what not. But as a warrior you continue your campaign and battle hard throughout the 2 years. But what after the 2 years? Is the journey done, or we are done and dusted and have left the path.


JEE exams in India have become synonymous to this sort of competition and pressure. It is tough for a 16 – 17-year-old student to handle it. To be among 0.5% percent of your Nation demands something and no – doubt the students are up for it. The respect and the aura are huge for an IITian and why not? The world class colleges deserve some competition and the best minds of the nation.
Such is the race that we have cities not famous for their monuments or culture, not for their colleges, not for their history but for their coaching institutes. We give all our attention to the JEE preparation that we tend to forget that there is a life beyond it. We tend to get so much cramped up in our dim rooms that we are not able to able face the light of reality into our heads. And when do we know that?
After we end up giving these exams, we get to know that there was so much to do, which we missed. Did it deserve that?


Well, there is no element in the universe that should snatch away your Mental peace. Look at a baby sleeping and one realizes that what magic can being stress – free do to you. Be yourself, and don’t try to create a fake image of yourself in your head. The world is a lot bigger than we think and can surely accommodate a stress – free person who has a will to do and to learn.
The essence of JEE never lied covering the 70-chapter syllabus and clearing the exam. The essence was, and will always remain to generate a habit to learn, and to handle the worst of the of atrocities you face every day and still get up stronger the next day.  “Circus ke maar se to sher bhi seedha ho jaata hai ‘, aise sher ko well – trained kehte hai well – educated nahi “. Friends, handling the pressure that leads to that exam today is the real challenge and not the 70 chapters that come on the sheet of paper.
Hope you fare our well, in this journey of yours Friends. Nothing stays more important than your own self and the effort you put in to learn. Good luck!!