How can a Mentor help me for JEE?
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How can a Mentor help me for JEE?

I appeared for JEE last year and would like to lay down a few observations which I believe would help a general aspirant. These are based on my personal experiences, and are, therefore, very subjective.
The most important part of a healthy JEE preparation, according to me is the presence of a good mentor in life. We, at MyJeeMentor, are committed to providing good mentorship. However, I would still like to emphasize the presence of a mentor, who closely watches over your preparation.


This mentor is generally your teacher, or some other person at the coaching institute or school, or might even be a relative. I would highly suggest interaction with a lot of people regarding discussions ranging from daily schedule to topics and methods of study. Identify at least 2-3 people with who you are comfortable about speaking regarding any issues. If you go to a coaching institute, this can be applied to coaching teachers. What you want to do is keep meeting various teachers of various subjects at regular intervals(need not to be necessarily your teachers). Each will give you a good insight into various problems that you will face. Not only regarding subject doubts but overall everything, how to study, when to study, what to study, etc. You need to keep updating all teachers about what you have been doing and what you plan to do. In a month, you will have reached a good level of comfort with some teachers ( and it should be more than 2 ), such that you can discuss various issues with them. And please remember, don’t shy away from talking to your mentors.


Now, coming to the second point. You need to do justice to NCERT. They are the best and the crispest books you will be able to find for a subject. This point cannot be emphasized enough. No matter what anyone says, NCERT should be your first preference. I am not suggesting that it is sufficient, however, it is a must do.
For Chemistry, NCERT is very important. And in my opinion, even for Physics, it is very well written. Read each chapter twice thrice, making hand notes every single time. And then the exercises including additional. Remember, Jee Mains hosts a lot of direct questions from NCERT for both physics and chemistry, particularly for chapters like Inorganic, and modern physics(pretty much all of second part of class 12). If you still do not get the importance of NCERT, and how great the book is, take a look at the Bibliography and the members of the textbook development committee. That should inspire some level of confidence in you regarding NCERTs.


Third, with your mentors, set a goal for each subject as to, which books(or coaching modules) you must finish for the exam. As I said, first on this list will be NCERT for all subjects. Second on the list will vary from chapter to chapter. For example, for something like physical Chemistry, you could target RC Mukherjee after NCERT, or some other book, or maybe your coaching module. That is something you must decide with your mentors. So, you must have specific goals set for all your upcoming chapters, that you would do so and so section from ncert first, then <book name two> second, then <book name three>.. and so on.. And this should be followed religiously.


I hope that these snippets put you in the right track. The most important takeaway would be the centrality that a mentor holds for you. You must be very frank and comfortable with your mentor, and must put in your confidence in them, must have faith in them too. Seek help at the earliest possible time, and dont wait for the issue to overwhelm you. All the Best!!