Daily schedule for a JEE Aspirant during the last month
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Daily schedule for a JEE Aspirant during the last month

Students are often are unclear about following a proper schedule to ensure good quality and quantity of studies. During the final days, a proper study plan is essential. Building strategies and executing plans are secondary when we compare it with building a flexible and trustworthy timetable.


In this article, I am dividing the day into four sessions to give you a brief idea about a proper study plan during this crucial stage of preparation.


Morning Session:


Wake up time: 6 – 6:15 in the morning.
Freshen up and take a light breakfast. Heavy meals often cause drowsiness and lower activeness level.
Study for one and a half hour.
This is an ideal time for which a brain remains focussed at a particular thing at one go.
Take a break for 15–20 minutes during which you can have some light snacks if you feel hungry and listen to some music or go for a brisk walk.
Repeat this pattern until lunch.


Afternoon Session:


Start with a good meal and then you may take a nap of 30 minutes.
Now shorten your study hours from one and a half to one hour 15 minutes or 1. Psychologically, it helps if we keep varying our study hours since it increases our efficiency.
Repeat this until 5 pm.


Evening Session:


Take a break for an hour and indulge in some of your favourite activities. Playing a sport, going for a walk, talking to your parents, listening or playing music, reading, whatever you like. Don’t keep daydreaming with books open in front of you all day.
Go back fresh and start with a 2-hour streak of continuous study. Choose your favourite subject for this hour.


Final Session:


Have a light dinner.
Study for one and half hour a session. Take proper breaks.
Sleep at around 11:30 pm –12 am.
Before sleeping, invest thoughts in areas other than academics. Comedy videos, novels, music, light-hearted talks with friends or parents can be probable choices.
Quality of your studies is more significant than the Quantity. Stay concentrated during the study hours; keep your mobiles (or anything that can distract you) away at that time. Taking a break always helps. Keep yourself hydrated. Eat healthy, light and often..