How to prepare for JEE in 1 year
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How to prepare for JEE in 1 year

I started with my JEE preparations during the summer vacations of class 12th. I never studied in class XI and wasted most of the time in playing, watching tv, social media and all other sorts of distractions you can think of. However, after coming to class 12th I realised that I had wasted enough time and that from now onwards I shall study for JEE Mains and Advance with full determination and crack JEE with a good rank! And this single decision was my first and the most important step to crack JEE.


First of all, you need to have a ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ attitude in yourself. The coming in 1 year is no doubt going to be tough and you would feel like giving up a lot of times, but remember that only the one who would persistently work hard till the end would crack IIT!


Secondly, don’t join any MEGA Coaching Institutes like FIITJEE, VMC, Allen etc. Reason being that these institutes don’t provide 1-to-1 attention to its students and follow a strict, immutable schedule. I did the same and joined a local smaller coaching institute in my locality, and this decision played a key role in my JEE preparations. I used to get personal attention from my teachers since they had a small batch size and solved all my queries.


Next, create a schedule beforehand which also reserves ample time for revision and mock tests. Creating a schedule and following it religiously is very important especially for someone who has only 1 year’s time of preparation. The schedule would help you stay on track and speed up a little bit whenever you slow down.


Now, let’s discuss a little bit about the subject-wise preparation tips :


I highly recommend going through the theory part of HC Verma, understanding it well and then attempting all its questions. HC Verma is a legendary book for JEE Physics and is a must-do to form a strong base in Physics. Apart from this, practising as many questions as possible is very very important since 90% of questions from Physics are numerical.
Give special emphasis to Mechanics and Electromagnetism since they comprise roughly 60~70% of the weight of JEE Physics. These chapters take time to understand well, but once done turn out to be a big rank improver.
Books Recommended: HC Verma, DC Pandey (Arihant)



Chemistry is THE most scoring section of all 3 in the JEE Mains and Advanced paper. This is the subject which can elevate your rank from 15k to under 1000. Chemistry is the subject which requires your least effort and time and gives you the best result. First of all, read each and every line of NCERT thoroughly and by heart. NCERT covers each and every detail and concept one needs to know to tackle JEE questions.
Memorize the formulas of Practical Chemistry and practise them well. Understand the mechanism of each and every reaction in JEE’s syllabus and revise them regularly. Study Inorganic Chemistry only from NCERT. No need to refer to other books for this section.
Books Recommended: OP Tandon (Physical, Inorganic and Organic), NCERT and SN Saniyal(Organic Chemistry)



Mathematics is a section which is feared a lot amongst all JEE aspirants, only because it requires a little logic and tons of practice to master, which most of them don’t do. Mathematics can be mastered by everyone, only and only by practising as much as possible.
Complex Number, Permutation Combination and Probability cover 80% of the algebra portion. Remember that the questions on these topics are relatively easy and scoring. Vector and 3D sometimes have questions that are bit lengthy, but if you get them right, you conquer the 30% weight it has. Calculus, the most tricky part, has no particular trend in types of questions, so you have no choice but to practice a lot.
Books Recommended: RD Sharma Objective, Cengage


The comes the most important part of your JEE journey, that last month before JEE Mains and Advance. That is the time when most students get away from the race either because they just BURN OUT, or they start enjoying their after-boards moments. You need to hold on to that emotions for 1 more month pal. That one month is the game changer, doing the right amount of hard work in that one month can make you do wonders. Just DONT GIVE UP at that time.


Also, the toughest of all for some(at least it was for me), you would have to give up on using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Just deactivate your FB/Insta and Whatsapp account as they are the biggest distractions in a student’s life. I did the same and clearly felt the difference. It would be really tough to do so initially but believe me, once you survive for the first 3-4 days without the daily dose of Social Media, you’ll start feeling much better and realize how much extra time you now have to focus on JEE.


Lastly, don’t just forget enjoying life. You should play sports, or hang out with friends and go party with them but to a limited extent. These are also important elements of our lives but you need to make them a little less important for just THIS 1 YEAR.